What is ISO 50001

What is ISO 50001

ISO 50001 defines the specifications for an Energy Management System. The standard lists 24 individual requirements to create a mechanism to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy cost. This standard will help you measure and better understand your energy, reduce carbon emissions and enable you to get more from less. ISO 50001 is increasing becoming a prerequisite for tenders so an essential for business development whilst, simultaneously, providing piece of mind that complex legislation is being adhered too.

ISO 50001 does not set targets for you or demand that you stop certain operational activities. Instead the ethos is firmly to support your company in achieving consistently high levels of performance and service.
Due to the structure of ISO 50001 it is simply integrated with other standards, whether written by ISO or industry specific. This process can reduce costs, time and potential complications in the running of the standard.

The Implementation Process :

1 Starting Out
Carry out a gap analysis against ISO 50001and agree a plan of action that meets the requirements of the standard but, just as importantly, meets your needs.
Initial meetings and discussion will help us to understand your business and the real driving forces behind certification. AVISO will provide you with a copy of the relevant standard as well as a detailed project plan with a clear time frame for deliverables and associated costs.

2 Laying the Foundations   
With your business at the heart of every decision we will address each of the standard’s requirements to ensure the most beneficial course of action.
AVISO will help you integrate tasks with existing operations to provide the most beneficial and straightforward solutions.

3 Initial Review
Known as ‘Stage 1’, an external review is required from a UKAS accredited body. This ensures your system is fit for purpose and up to the job.
AVISO will help you manage and prepare for the assessment day and, if you wish, be there to offer support and guidance on the day.

4 Testing the System
Before certification the system must be fully audited. This allows bugs to be addressed and improvements made.
AVISO can be on hand to carry out audits on your behalf, provide internal training and offer guidance on potential improvements. 

5 Certification
Known as ‘Stage 2’, at this point you are ready for assessment and a UKAS accredited body will carry out a full audit. When this is done you will be fully certified to ISO 50001.

AVISO has a 100% track record of successful certification.

Potential Benefits of ISO 50001 Implementation

1 External Benefits
• Demonstrate environmental credentials to increase tender opportunities.
• Communicate a real commitment to environmental improvement and CSR.
• Identify and manage the risks surrounding your future energy supply.

2 Compliance
• Reduce carbon emissions and meet government reduction targets.
• Broaden business opportunities by demonstrating compliance with complex legislation.
• Sharing best practice techniques encourages consistency and reduces the potential for errors or worse, prosecution.

3 Internal Benefits
• Measure and monitor energy use to identify opportunities for improved efficiency and cost savings.
• Better Management of Energy use.
• Improve overall performance to cut energy consumption and bills.

4 Advice
Whether this is your first experience of ISO Standards or you just don’t have time to manage the project, AVISO can support you through any or all of the stages of certification.
AVISO will be there throughout, from planning to auditing to continually improving the system. A wealth of experience and understanding means AVISO can help tailor the process and outcome in a way that really means you reach your goals.

Examples of where we can help:

Before Certification and During Certification
• Carry out an initial gap analysis.
• Develop a project plan with key deliverables and a realistic time frame.
• Develop the required documentation in a format that most suits your company
• Support, organise and run any training required.
• Liaise with different members of your company to develop processes that best suit your organisation and create ownership in those that use them.
• Audit the system and make recommendations for improvement.
• Draw on the wealth of experience held by AVISO to offer advice that not only meets compliance but is best suited to your company and its particular motivation.

After Certification has Been Achieved
• Maintain your Management System.
• Provide a comprehensive audit schedule and process.
• Conduct audits and ensure the right outcomes are implemented.
• Report on key performance indicators and service improvement.
• Create a bridge and line of communication with statutory and regulatory bodies, customers and suppliers.
• Maintain and update Legal Registers.
• Support you in discussions with your Certification Body and provide assistance with external assessment and surveillance visits.
• Develop your system to best incorporate existing requirements, both legislative and voluntary.
• Chair management review meetings.
• Conduct supplier audits.
• Provide impartial professional advice on business improvement

If you would like to discuss with one of our team, please get in touch at either info@avisoconsultancy.co.uk or give us a call on 01892800476

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