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AvISO Cyber Essentials CertifiedAvISO 9001:2015

At AvISO we practice what we preach and are proud to be certified to ISO 9001:2015 by the British Standards Institute and Cyber Essentials.

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What we Do

ISOvA supports businesses with the implementation and maintenance of ISO Standards. The ISOvA Integrated Management System (IMS Toolbox) is designed to reduce the effort and cost of complying to ISO standards by providing a cloud-based integrated management system at an affordable monthly subscription with an easy-to-follow online platform powered by Microsoft 365 Teams.

At its core, ISOvA is an easy-to-use but powerful online management system that integrates with Microsoft Teams and is suitable for all business types, sizes, and industries.

The ISOvA platform reduces the effort and cost of complying to ISO standards, including ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 45001 Health & Safety, by providing a tailored Office 365 Teams and SharePoint system.

The service, which provides a dedicated ISO Virtual Assistant to businesses, will guide you through the implementation process and offer support for maintenance such as remote audits and demonstrating continuous improvement.

To find out more, please contact us on:
Telephone: 01892 800476

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How it Works

ISOvA is a brand we have developed specifically for small businesses. This cloud-based platform utilises remote working techniques developed by our team of experienced consultants to ensure you achieve, and maintain, UKAS accredited Certification at a fraction of the cost.

Utilising the power of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, we have developed a Microsoft Teams Management System (MTMS). We believe using our bespoke cloud-based solution, in place of the more traditional approach to ISO Certification, will significantly increase the value of any Management System whilst substantially reducing the costs and time associated.

Our Approach Will:
  • Provide an organisation with a complete solution and proven framework on which to plan, build and manage their ISO requirements.
  • Significantly reduce paperwork and administration associated with ISO Certification.
  • Ensure compliance with the required ISO Standards is maintained whilst offering the flexibility to ensure the final system is appropriate to the individual organisation.
  • Efficiently and effectively meet the requirements of multiple ISO Standards and improve their integration whilst reducing duplication and unnecessary administration.
  • Being a cloud-based solution the MTMS is not limited by the number of certificates or locations within the scope and will ensure inclusivity and connectivity of all those involved.
  • Provide a collaborative environment that ensures that the MTMS can be maintained and audited no matter the location of the individuals involved. This includes working remotely.
To find out more, please contact AvISO Consultancy on 02037 458 476 or get in touch below
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Who We ARe

ISOvA: ISO consultants in London and the South East of England. Our Consultants
specialise in implementing and improving management systems

At ISOvA we specialise helping you implement internationally recognised management system and, where required, achieve UKAS accredited certification.

ISOvA is an ISO consultancy with a new perspective; focus is given to creating bespoke management systems that meet your needs and the requirements of the relevant international standards. We always aim to realise the best from the standard for the individual, not make the individual fit the standard.

IOSvA will ensure that becoming certified to any ISO Standard by a UKAS accredited certification body is a worthwhile experience. We will ensure the process is one that adds real value to your business and that the benefits are not just limited to the minimum, but that strategic, compliance and internal goals are achieved.

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certification body recommendations

ISOvA is very proud to be a recommended ISO Consultancy by the major UKAS Accredited Certification Bodies

Including; BSI, Bureau Vertitas, SGS, ISOQAR and BAB. ISOvA regularly works with each of these organisations and has cultivated mutual respect and understanding of each other’s working practices. These relationships ensure we can provide a smooth path to ISO certification for all our clients, from the very start of the process right through to the final assessment.

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What we do, how we do it and why choose ISOvA to implement your ISO

Like to know more about ISO Standards, Certification and the value of a good management system? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with the ISOvA Team on: Kent: 01892 800476 | London: 02037 458 476

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If you would like to know more about ISO Standards, Certification and the value of a good management system you can add to your business we would love to hear from you: Kent: 01892 800476 | London: 02037 458 476

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