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Put simply, a companies management system is certified to the relevant Standard by an accredited assessment body. In our opinion this should be a UKAS accredited body.


UKAS is the only accreditation body recognised by the UK Government to certify these standards. This is because it operates within strict rules agreed by the Department of Trade and Industry and is regularly peer assessed by other recognised international accreditation bodies.


Some organisations claim to offer a one stop shop for consultancy and certification, which on the surface may seem like the quickest, cheapest and easiest option. However, this practice completely goes against the rules by which UKAS accredited certification bodies are required to comply.


These organisations may even state that they are accredited but, if they do, their accreditation is not through UKAS.


Non UKAS accreditation is not subject to agreed regulatory constraints and therefore provides little assurance of integrity, impartiality or accountability. Certificates issued by these organisations are often not recognised by customers and clients and may even be detrimental for business development and tender applications.


Only companies certified by a UKAS accredited certification body may display the 'Tick & Crown' logo.


At AvISO we work with only UKAS accredited certification bodies to ensure you get the absolute best from your investment.


The ethos is always to develop a system that meets your needs first, whilst still complying with the standard. We have shown that a management system tailored to your individual goals and objectives can be more than just a certificate and will bring about truly positive improvements for your company.


Our experience and approach uniquely positions us to offer and deliver the most meaningful advice in a way that best suits you.

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