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PAS 2060 - Carbon Neutrality

AvISO specialise helping you implement and maintain your PAS 2060 – Carbon Neutrality across; Kent, the Southeast, London and UK Wide. Achieving and maintaining UKAS accredited certification to PAS 2060 – Carbon Neutrality

Requirements: PAS 2060 – Carbon Neutrality

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Climate change is the most challenging issue our society faces. The way we address it now will have enduring effects for generations to come.All governments in the world are setting ambitious, yet necessary, targets to slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), as early as 2030.
Every single organisation will need to understand where its GHG are generated, define a plan to reduce these and, if necessary, compensate the residual GHG.

To avoid greenwashing and ensure a levelled playing field, some standards have been developed.

These provide guidance on:

  • how to do calculate the carbon footprint, both at organisational and product level;
  • how to set relevant reduction targets;
  • how to monitor progress;
  • how to report on your carbon footprint and achievements.

AvISO Benefits

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PAS 2060 Strategic Benefits

The adoption of ISO 14064 and PAS 2060 for your carbon footprint calculation and reduction to net zero, will allow your organisation:

  • demonstrate a clear commitment to internal and external stakeholders towards climate change mitigation,
  • steer your strategy towards carbon net-zero, in the short, medium, and long run,
  • avoid future taxes on carbon, by tackling your impact at an early stage,
  • position your organisation ahead of the competition, allowing for sufficient time to address climate change mitigation,
  • provide reliable information to feed your communication strategy
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PAS 2060 Compliance Benefits

The adoption of ISO 14064 and PAS 2060 for your carbon footprint calculation and reduction to net zero, will allow your organisation:

  • establish a reliable information collection and treatment system that can be used for future carbon taxes calculation,
  • provide reliable information to feed into the Streamlined Environmental and Carbon Reporting (SECR),
  • support your ISO 14001 management system, providing a robust approach to energy and GHG emissions objectives and projects.
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PAS 2060 Internal Benefits

The adoption of ISO 14064 and PAS 2060 for your carbon footprint calculation and reduction to net zero, will allow your organisation:

  • reduce the energy consumption and related costs,
  • improve the efficiency of processes,
  • ensure a robust internal monitoring process,
  • demonstrate a clear commitment towards Climate Change mitigation.
  • Better process integration
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