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ISO 45001 - Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standard

AvISO is an industry-leading expert in ISO 45001 and Occupational Health & Safety. With offices in London, Kent, and Ireland, we provide global Consultancy, training & Software solutions to support sole traders to multi-national organisations to ensure they achieve the most from their UKAS Accredited Certification to ISO 45001.

Requirements: ISO 45001 - Occupational Health & Safety Management System Standard

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ISO 45001 is a standard that provides a structure to increase safety, reduce workplace risks and enhance health and well-being at work. It helps organisations achieve an effective, efficient, and sustainable occupational health and safety management system.

ISO 45001 is designed to be used by all types of organisations, including public agencies, commercial businesses, institutions, not-for-profit organisations, and small businesses. It is applicable worldwide to all industries regardless of size or type.

why work with AvISO

  • AvISO has a 100% success rate of achieving UKAS accredited certification to ISO 45001 for our clients
  • AvISO has experience with a wide selection of ISO standards, including ISO 45001, so can offer tried and tested advice on their implementation and integration
  • We are recommended buy all the major Certification Bodies for ISO 45001 Consultancy
  • AvISO has built excellent relationships with Cranfield Universities
  • With an exceptional In-House team of ISO 45001 Consultants and working closely with a rigorously selected group of Technical Experts ensures you receive the best possible service whatever your project.
  • We have our own proven software solution designed to provide and simple, efficient, and effective platform to manage all your compliance requirements. 
  • We are the only UK company to publish all our Legal Registers freely and provide free no, obligation updates to anyone who requests them. 

AvISO Benefits

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ISO 45001 Strategic Benefits

ISO 45001 will support effective management of your business and help you meet customers' requirements. It is suitable to any organisation that wants to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and build a culture of continual improvement.

  • ISO 45001 provides a system to identify potential hazards and minimize risks
  • Certification shows that health and safety objectives are part of the company management
  • ISO 45001 Reassures stakeholders that suitable preventative measures are being sought and implemented
  • ISO 45001 is based around a process of Plan, Do, Check, Act to ensure you continually improve your health and safety performance
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ISO 45001 Compliance Benefits

ISO 45001 will support effective management of your business and help you meet customers' requirements. It is suitable to any organisation that wants to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and build a culture of continual improvement.

  • Ensures awareness and compliance to legal requirements
  • This standard promotes meaningful communication of relevant information on legal and other requirements to employees ad people working under the company control
  • A well implemented system will provide clear processes for everyone to understand and follow
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ISO 45001 Internal Benefits

ISO 45001 will support effective management of your business and help you meet customers' requirements. It is suitable to any organisation that wants to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and build a culture of continual improvement.

  • Ensures that a Health and safety processes are clearly defined
  • Helps improve employees awareness of risks
  • ISO 45001 Provides confidence in health and safety for your business
  • It can help you monitor and improve levels of absenteeism
  • Shows your employees your commitment to keeping them safe
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The Stages of ISO 45001

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ISO-45001 How AvISO Can Help Right Away 

ISO 45001 will support effective management of your business and help you meet customers' requirements. It is suitable to any organisation that wants to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and build a culture of continual improvement.

  • Provide advice on recent changes from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 Standard and useful supporting documentation
  • Support with tender applications and the development of associated documents
  • Offer guidance on integrating the new ISO standard with existing controls and standards. This can reduce costs, time and potential complications in the future
  • Providing information and advice on the best course of action
  • Carrying out an initial gap analysis of your company against the standard
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ISO-45001 How AvISO Can Help Before Certification

ISO 45001 will support effective management of your business and help you meet customers' requirements. It is suitable to any organisation that wants to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and build a culture of continual improvement.

  • Develop a project plan with key deliverables and a realist time frame
  • Develop the required documentation in a format that best suits your company
  • Support, organise and run any training required
  • Liaise with different member of your company to develop processes that best suit your organisation and create ownership in those that use them
  • Audit the system and make recommendations for improvement
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ISO-45001 How AvISO Can Help During Certification

ISO 45001 will support effective management of your business and help you meet customers' requirements. It is suitable to any organisation that wants to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and build a culture of continual improvement.

  • Draw on the wealth of experience held by AvISO to offer advice that not only meets compliance but is best suited to your company and motivation
  • Maintain your management system
  • Provide a comprehensive audit schedule and process
  • Conduct audits and ensures the right outcomes are implemented
  • Conduct an external 3rd party audit on suppliers
  • Report on key performance indictors and service improvement
  • Create a bridge and line of communication with statutory and regulatory bodies, customers and suppliers
  • Maintain and update Legal Registers
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ISO -45001 How AvISO Can Help After Certification

ISO 45001 will support effective management of your business and help you meet customers' requirements. It is suitable to any organisation that wants to improve customer satisfaction, staff motivation and build a culture of continual improvement.

  • Support you in discussions with your certification body and provide assistance with external assessment and surveillance visits
  • Develop your system to best incorporate existing requirements, both legislative and voluntary
  • Chair management review meetings
  • Conduct supplier audits
  • Provide impartial professional advice on business improvement
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ISO 45001:2018 FAQs

Most frequently asked questions about ISO 45001:2018

What is ISO 45001:2018?
  • ISO 45001:2018 is the international occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system standard, which is applicable when an Organisation’s activities may pose a risk of injury/ illness to employees. The ISO 45001:2018 occupational safety and health management system, minimises the likelihood of harm by implementing and communicating safe policies, practices and procedures.  
  • ISO 45001 is like other ISO standards particularly Environmental 14001:2015, as it was designed with businesses in mind that integrate OH&S with Environmental sustainability. Due to this ISO 45001 is easy to incorporate into existing ISO management systems once technical gaps have been filled.  
  • ISO 45001 adopts the same high-level structure with identical terms and definitions, such as “Risks and Opportunities Register” and uses the same process led approach; except focuses on managing the risks with the potential to cause illness, injury and death.  
  • ISO 45001:2018 is the follow on from OHSAS 18001 certification. The new ISO is more standardized across countries, fills in some technical gaps and is more easily integrated with other ISO standards.
What are the benefits of having ISO 45001:2018?
  • The purpose of an Occupational Health and Safety Management system is to implement a structured framework to safeguard the health and safety of employees during work, improve internal processes and reduce events that damage equipment. It is internationally recognised, having been developed by experts across 70 countries and applicable to businesses of all sizes and sectors. An effective health and safety management system reduces workplace incidents, staff turnover, absenteeism, repair costs and compensation pay-outs. Additional benefits from ISO 45001:2018 certification include:
  • Extra recognition by external parties as a responsible employer and improved reputation within the industry & community
  • Reduced insurance costs by becoming known as a safe workplace
  • Tender prequalification may require certification
  • Compliance to industry standards, legal and regulatory obligations
  • Develop a culture of OH&S ownership & cooperation. leading to improved employee well-being and engagement
  • Occupational Health and Safety integrated into the central operation of the business rather than a side element
How much does ISO 45001 certification cost?
  • Prices for ISO 45001 implementation vary depending on the size and complexity of your Organisation. However, we are in the process of developing an online cost calculator to be able to provide certification consultancy costs, including certification body costs. Please keep checking our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles for updates! 
  • You can call 01892800476 or email for further information
How long does it take to implement ISO 45001:2018?
  • Usually, between 3-6 months, but this depends on the size and complexity of the organisation, the resources available and the current management system in place.
  • If your organisation has already implemented ISO management systems standards such as Quality or Environmental, then the knowledge and expertise already built up can be readily transferred to ISO 45001, reducing the time until certification.
What are the major differences with other ISO Management System standards?
  • There are more similarities than differences, ISO 45001 utilities the same PDCA (Plan- Do- Check – Act) cycle except from the perspective of managing occupational health and safety risks.
  • The Annex SL framework is the same, i.e. The context of the organisation must be defined, including the desired outcome of the management system, internal audits must be conducted to evaluate compliance, documentation must be updated and stored securely, the OH&S must be communicated where necessary, non-conformances must be recorded, and corrective actions implemented. 
  • A major difference is Clause 5.4 (Consultation and Participation of workers). This requirement involves the engagement of workers from non-managerial roles in the definition of the OH&S management system and providing the needed time & resources. Activities include risk assessments, incident investigations, internal audits, training, and competence requirements. Through this, your organisation can establish mandatory safety and health requirements, and encourage ownership, this joint decision-making process your Organisation can establish mandatory safety and health requirements and encourage ownership and create a culture of health and safety at work.
  • Clause 8.1 (Operation Planning and Control) is specific to ISO 45001:2018. Its implemenation ensures the OH&S management system, plans and controls processes by eliminating health and safety risks. For example, staff competence, procurement specifications for equipment and critical procedures. 
  • Clause 8.1.2 (Eliminating Hazards and Reducing OH&S risks) applies a hierarchal approach to dealing with risk. Similar to ISO 14001’s reduce, reuse, recover, recycle system, OH&S risks are eliminated as priority, substituted (for instance hazardous chemicals), isolated (reduced access/ worker proximity to the risk) or protected (with PPE).
  • Clause 8.1.3 (Management of Change) – Introduces the idea of the OH&S system as an inherent risk, as due to the ever-changing conditions and context of the business it may become outdated. To ensure the OH&S adapts through continual improvement the Organisation is required to set controls for any temporary or permanent changes, for example, new equipment, staff turnover etc.
  • Clause 8.1.4 (Procurement) Contractors, outsourced processes and equipment purchased/ rented must be risk assessed. For instance, new machinery should have the technical specifications, contractors Health and Safety records should be checked, and outsourced activities must meet the organisations occupational health and safety standards.
Who needs to be involved in the Health and Safety Management System?
  • As with all ISO standards, senior management will have responsibilities under the HSMS and will need to sign off and approve the management system, especially where changes can impact business processes. They are also instrumental in helping to form a good health and safety working culture within the organisation.
What is your experience with ISO 45001:2018?
  • Our consultants are certified lead auditors, experienced in implementing and maintaining ISO management systems. Typically, our consultants specialise in 1-3 specific ISO standards and AvISO will assign our consultants with skillsets matching client requirements.
What do we need to do to become ISO 45001:2018 Certified?
  • First the Organisation will develop and implement a Health and Safety Management System, fully supported by top-management. Most businesses will already have elements in place as key parts of the system are also legislative requirements, such as risk assessments and safe working procedures. 
  • Next step is the Stage 1 Audit. An independent UKAS accredited auditor assesses if your HSMS meets the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 standard by conducting a ‘gap analysis’, the report will highlight areas that require action to conform to the clauses of the standard.
  • Final step is the Stage 2 Audit conducted by an external UKAS accredited auditor. Once all corrective actions have been put in place since the Stage 1 report and you are fully compliant; your certification will be awarded!
  • Don’t stop there! A major component of ISO standards is continual improvement and to prevent stagnation/ deterioration of the management system, re-certification is required every three years. Maintenance of the management system through an annual audit programme will ensure continued compliance.

Why should we use an AvISO Management Consultant?
  • AvISO Consultancy provides Consultancy, Software & Training solutions with 100% UKAS accreditation success rate. AvISO is a trusted partner to national and international clients. Working with SMEs to Multinational Enterprise Organisations, assisting with ISO Standard Certification, ISO Management Systems & Compliance requirements.
  • We are certified to Quality (9001:2015) and Cyber Essentials Standards.
  • Our consultants are experts in their chosen specialisation, able to provide bespoke advice for your business.  By tailoring the standard to your business rather than the other way around, we maximise value for our clients throughout the certification and maintenance process
  • You can view our clients testimonials and case studies here.
Do I need an ISO consultant?
  • No, you don’t. However, it is worth considering the time and cost of a workforce required to set up an ISO standard versus an external management consultant providing guidance and support to ensure conformity and certification.
Who is the best person in our organisation to set up and manage an ISO management system?
  • We recommend that competent, experienced and qualified personnel work with our consultants. They can be from any area of the business but would require working knowledge of how the Organisation operates and be provided the time and resources to complete any necessary activities.
What is the ISOvA Toolbox, and how does it work?
  • Senior AvISO consultants have designed an online management tool to assist Compliance Managers / those individuals with bolt-on responsibilities for management systems. This system records your management system data, and its intuitive user interface is designed for intuitive navigation and includes a real-time dashboard for tracking KPIs, Objectives, Correctives Actions and Legal Obligations. 
What is the Legal Register, and how does it affect my business?
  • The Legal Register is a tool/ system for recording all the regulatory and compliance obligations that are required to be met for your specific industry.  
  • AvISO send out quarterly updates to ensure your business is kept up to date with relevant changes in legislation as part of the ISOvA service.
How many clauses are there in an ISO 45001:2018?
  • The standard follows the same Annex SL structure as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Clauses 1-3 are normative and not assessed by certification body auditors, clauses 4-10 are checked for conformance to the standard.
How much of the required information gathering can be done remotely?
  • Most, if not all, of the necessary information, can be securely gathered and shared online through SharePoint. This is a secure method of safely sharing and updating documents online to maintain and support your management system. 
  • However, for auditing purposes our consultants will visit your business site to ensure we help as much as possible.
How often does the Health and Safety Management system need updating?
  • The certification process will require regular attention in order to smooth over any non-conformities, ensuring documentation is accurate and internal processes are followed by and communicated to employees.
  • Once certified the internal audit programme and annual management reviews will highlight any further areas for continual improvement. However, this shouldn’t be particularly time-consuming if the OH&S Management System was implemented correctly.

My Business has multiple sites across the country; do I need an ISO 45001:2018 for each site?
  • Not necessarily. The most cost-effective way would be for your organisation to have an umbrella system whereby all the sites would have to prove that the management system is being followed. A presentation certificate for each site can be issued to ensure conformity to the standard across all your sites. If more than 5 sites, they will apply a sampling approach to the audits, they will need to see all the sites over the 3-year cycle of the audit.
How long is an ISO 45001:2018 certification valid?
  • A certified Health and Safety management system (OH&S) is valid for three years. During this period, internal and external surveillance audits are necessary to maintain conformity during the three-year period before complete recertification.
Do AvISO consultants specialise in any one ISO standard?
  • Our consultants are certified lead auditors, experienced in implementing and maintaining ISO management systems. Typically, our consultants specialise in 1-3 specific ISO standards and AvISO will assign our consultants with skillsets matching our client requirements.
How much detailed company information is required / What documents need to be created?

Below is a list of the documents and records clause by clause required to be compliant with the ISO 45001:2018 standard: Bear in mind it would be beneficial to have procedures and processes documented as well.

  • Scope of the OH&S management system (clause 4.3) – everything under the Organisation’s control that could impact the performance of its OH&S. A statement, available to interested parties to clarify the boundaries of the OH&S. For example, the whole organisation or specific sites and business procedures.
  • OH&S policy (clause 5.2) – a brief statement to interested parties, signed by top-management, providing information on the Occupational Health and Safety standards maintained by the Organisation including continual improvement.
  • Responsibilities and authorities within OH&SMS (clause 5.3) – clear, documented communication from top-management across all levels of the business assigning responsibility for OH&S compliance and progress reporting.
  • OH&S process for addressing risks and opportunities (clause 6.1.1) – involves a collaborative effort to identify, manage and document all risks associated to OH&S. Hazards identified will have associated risks.
  • Methodology and criteria for assessment of OH&S risks (clause – risks should be ranked by severity (i.e. probability x impact). This document provides the methodology of this assessment and hazard identification.
  • Legal and other requirements (clause 6.1.3) – A register of legal requirement applicable to the Organisation and stating compliance.
  • OH&S objectives and plans for achieving them (clause 6.2.2) – SMART objectives, consistent with your OH&S policy. Specify how you plan to achieve them, who will be responsible and how you will monitor progress.
  • Evidence of competence (clause 7.2) – defined skill, training and/or experience requirements for employees & contractors that could affect OH&S performance.
  • Evidence of communications (clause 7.4.1) – Documented process for external and internal communication relevant to the OH&S Management System.
  • Emergency preparedness and response process (clause 8.2) – documented process to address potential emergency situations which can affect the health and safety of employees. Evaluate performance through safety drills and identify responsible individuals.
  • Results on monitoring, measurements, analysis and performance evaluation (clause 9.1.1)
  • Maintenance, calibration or verification of monitoring equipment (clause 9.1.1) – An internal process of reviewing the OH&S. Are you legally compliant? Have the identified hazards been addressed and recorded in the risks and opportunities register? How effective are the controls put in place?
  • Compliance evaluation results (clause 9.1.2) – included within the internal audit programme.
  • Internal audit programme (clause 9.2.2) – documented results of the planned, independent OH&S audit schedule to check compliance with the ISO 45001 standard following ISO 19011 (Guidelines for auditing management systems).
  • Results of management review (clause 9.3) – documented evaluation of the OH&SMS, conducted by top management. Should include: any changes to the OH&SMS, such as external or internal issues, associated risks and opportunities, legal obligations or needs of interested parties.
  • Nature of incidents or nonconformities and any subsequent action taken (clause 10.2) – document or log recording the root causes of non-conformities and the corrective actions put in place to address them.
  • Evidence of the results of continual improvement (clause 10.3) – evidence of action taken to continually improve the business, for example, opportunities recorded and achieved in the risks and opportunities register or changes in operational procedures to reduce waste, risk or resources used.

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