A legal register is a form of document or system that details legislation that an organisation must be compliant with, due to the activities it carries out.

The legal register might only contain legislation of a certain type, for example, environmental or health and safety legislation. The range of laws that apply can vary greatly depending on the type and size of an organisation and the industry it works within, as well as depending on where it is based.

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The legal register becomes a valuable resource for an organisation for reference to what they must be doing to ensure compliance with legislation. The alternative would be to search for relevant legislation each time an issue arises, which would be time-consuming and inefficient. It would also be difficult to know if the legislation found through searching the internet was the most recent versionor if it had been replaced by other regulations.

At AvISO we understand the importance of ensuring that your organisation is compliant to its required legal obligations. Using our free legal register will allow you to save time and instead focus on other areas, such as conducting internal audits, managing risk, creating objectives, and ensuring that corrective action is taken for any non-conformances.

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How to Compile a Legal Register?

With new legislation that is published almost daily by the UK Government on www.legislation.gov.uk, it is no easy feat to ensure that your organisation is remaining compliant with the legislation that is relevant to your business processes.

The legislation for the United Kingdom is divided into four jurisdictions: UK, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. There is no category for Great Britain, nor, for that matter, England, which explains why the Health Protection (Coronavirus) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 are listed under the UK, as are the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020, even though the latter do not apply to Northern Ireland.

Once your organisation has defined the relevant and applicable requirements, then you can assess how your organisation will comply – what the practical steps are that allow you to know that your organisation complies.  This might include inspections, training, documentation, reports, plans or procedures.  These are the actionable requirements – things someone must do.  

Health and Safety and Environment management standards including ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 do not specifically require organisation’s to maintain legal registers but doing so is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of meeting their demands that participating organisation’s can identify, access, and keep up to date with the legal and other requirements that apply to their sector. A register can also be a valuable tool when it comes to preparing for a compliance audit or when organising training courses.

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As well as providing a free legal resource for your organisation, we can also support with:

AvISO also partners with ISOvA Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to offer ISO Compliance Management on a monthly subscription. The ISOvA IMS Toolbox reduces the cost and effort of ISO certification to multiple ISO Standards by providing a tailored management system and dedicated Virtual Assistant to regularly review and monitor performance objectives, which ultimately improves business efficiency and sustainability.

Please feel free to make use of this free resource, and if you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like further assistance in ensuring that your legal register is providing real value to your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact one of the team!

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If you would like to know more about ISO Standards, Certification and the value of a good management system you can add to your business we would love to hear from you: Kent: 01892 800476 | London: 02037 458 476 | info@avisoconsultancy.co.uk

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