Keeping Your Management System - Blog Five: Availability

November 4, 2021

Welcome to our fifth blog in this series of Keeping Your Management System Simple. If you missed our previous blogs, do not worry. You can catch up here!

In this edition, we will be looking into Availability.

All Management System tools in one place

o  In the past, some Management Systems have contained endless lever arch files. There are now multiple options for using Cloud-based software instead, which are much more user friendly and keeps everything in one place.

Be consistent

o  The traditional paper-based approach is open much more open to human error than an integrated software approach.

o  There are far more pros to a software-based Management System when comparing it to a paper-based system. Some of the downsides to a paper-based approach can be;

- Files can be hard to find and control.

- Hard to share & collaborate

- Use of excel

Integrated Software

o  Using integrated software can provide many benefits, including:

- Automated Version Control

- Separate View/Edit Permissions

- Multiple Authors

- Automate approvals with Flow and Alerts

- Reporting

- Advanced Content Search

- Retention Policies & Compliance  

Legal Registers

In early 2021, we published our legal registers on our website as a free resource for anyone to use. The legal register becomes a valuable resource for an organisation to reference what they must be doing to ensure compliance with legislation. The alternative would be to search for relevant legislation each time an issue arises - this would be time-consuming and inefficient. It would also be challenging to know if the legislation found through searching the internet was the most recent version or if other regulations had replaced it.

At AvISO, we understand the importance of ensuring that your organisation complies with its required legal obligations. Using our free legal register will allow you to save time and instead focus on other areas, such as conducting internal audits, managing risk, creating objectives, and ensuring that corrective action is taken for any non-conformances.

Our Top Tip – use cloud-based software where possible and utilise free resources to assist you with Legal Registers.

Our next blog in this series will be looking at Lessons Learnt. Please follow us on LinkedIn to know when this is published.

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