Open University Internship

February 23, 2023

We always strive to make ISO accessible for all. When researching online the potential costs for a business to gain ISO certification, we found it difficult to understand how much this would be.

Therefore, we decided it would be an excellent opportunity for AvISO to develop the first-of-its-kind online calculator for people visiting our website to have transparency to the costs associated with consultancy to implement ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001.

We approached the UKAS-accredited certification body, QEC, to see if they would be interested in joining us in this venture and allowing us to include their costs within the interactive calculator so the user had complete visibility of all fees associated with gaining certification.

With the idea in place and an excellent partnership with QEC, we began looking for a Software Application Internship to develop the Interactive Calculator.

After some research, we decided that the Open University was the ideal place for us to look to recruit an intern. The team at the Open University were friendly, approachable, and very proactive in helping us to find the right candidate. We were looking for an intern who could take ownership of the project and be willing to research and broaden their knowledge around ISO. Also, of course, to develop an interactive calculator from scratch.

After a recruitment process, we appointed a student at the Open University who was studying for a BSc (Honours) in Computing and IT. The internship was for 12 weeks working around their studies. We worked closely with the Open University to ensure the onboarding process of our new intern was completed efficiently and thoroughly.

The management team at AvISO would regularly meet with our intern to support them in their learning and provide information about the costs associated with implementing ISO management systems. The intern also met with our web developers, so the calculator code was written to ensure a smooth launch on the website.

After 12 weeks, the internship ended, and we were excited to launch the online interactive calculator. The first of its kind in our industry that provided people visiting our website with transparency to the costs of consultancy to support in implementing ISO management systems and UKAS accredited certification body costs.

But! We didn’t stop there!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this case study, AvISO is passionate about making ISO accessible for all businesses. It can be costly to gain ISO certification, which puts some small businesses off. So, we wanted to introduce a package that allowed companies to gain certification and spread the cost over three years to reduce the financial impact.

So, we decided to not only launch the calculator but also to introduce a three-year subscription package. For more information about how this works, head to our calculator page and check out the calculator to see the projected cost of your next ISO project.

The internship through the Open University was a great success, and we’re thrilled with the results it has given. There were many key values for AvISO in using the Open University, to name a few;

  • It allowed us to recruit from an enormous scope of knowledgeable candidates.
  • It enabled us to look at a project from a different angle with someone outside our industry and develop innovative solutions.
  • As a small business, we didn’t have the internal resources to complete the project. Using the internship enabled us to reach and deliver our goals.
  • It helped us work with our peers and further built relationships across our industry.
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