Becoming a member of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI)

February 12, 2021

The Chartered Quality Institute is the professional body for experts in improving product, project, and service quality. Established in 1919as the “technical inspections association” by the ministry of munitions, who wanted to further develop engineering and chemical inspections, the main driving force behind its inception was to stem the production of faulty munitions after the first world war.

Over the next 100 years the professional expertise of its membership has expanded from weapons inspections to the application of quality management principles across all sectors and industries and the CQI has mirrored that growth.

The above is why I wanted to apply to become a practitioner of the Chartered Quality Institute, from its very inception they have stitched the importance of quality into the very fabric of government, public and private sectors.

The membership structure and benefits are designed to help support quality professionals throughout their career, and this is one of the key areas that I feel is paramount to my continual development.

Within my chosen profession working as a management consultant, I deal with quality day in day out, and my drive for ensuring that my clients get the very best value will be supported by striving to improve my standing within the CQI membership structure.

To summarize, I feel that joining CQI will benefit me in the following areas,

·      Professional development – ensuring that I am consistently driven to improve my professional development and that I stay at the forefront of my profession.

·      Knowledge - my Understanding of quality principles and professional knowledge.

·      Recognition – to be externally recognised for my skills, knowledge, competence, and the contribution I can make to the quality profession.

·      Networking – branches and special interest groups (SIG’s) are just some of the possibilities with networking that I can enjoy.

 My goal is to continue my learning and provide a positive voice for Quality and the benefits that it can bring to any organisation on my way to becoming a Chartered Quality Professional – Fellow (CQP FCQI).

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