Integrated Management System (IMS) Toolbox & Remote Auditing

April 22, 2020
IMS Toolbox & Remote Auditing

CoVID-19 has changed how many businesses around the world are having to work. With the requirements of social distancing and the need to conform to government regulations, more and more businesses are looking at working remotely where possible, and many are finding unexpected benefits.

The leading certification bodies are now carrying out all ISO audits remotely. A remote audit is the same as an on-site audit, but the auditor will engage with your business via technology, such as Microsoft Teams. They will still review the documentation and records, complete a virtual tour of premises if possible, interview workers and ensure conformance of your key operational procedures.

The systems or technological platforms that could be required are:

·        Live web streaming technology such as Microsoft Teams, Webex and Zoom are all being widely used

·        Mobile technology such as smartphones, tablets or laptops with video capabilities

Although it is a new challenge for most businesses, several positives can be taken from the current situation:

·        A quicker, more effective approach to auditing

·        More flexibility in auditing approach and resources

·        A decrease in the carbon footprint due to there duction in travel by the certification bodies

·        Easier access to a global network of auditors

·        Access to areas that are either isolated or require strict permits can be avoided by carrying out a remote audit

AvISO can help with ensuring that you have all the tools and technology that is required for a successful remote audit, and we have achieved this by creating our bespoke platform.

Microsoft Teams Management System – IMS Tool box

With the creation of our Microsoft Teams Integrated Management System (MT-IMS), we can ensure that you have all the tools and systems that are required for a successful remote audit.

The AvISO Platform includes:

·        Legal Registers

·        SWOT Analysis

·        Risk Register

·        Interested Parties

·        Objectives

·        Non-conformance treatment

Using our advanced platform, we can ensure that not only do you have all your relevant documentation required for a successful management system in one place but that you also have our bespoke ISO toolbox that will ensure you can maintain the requirements of the relevant standard.

The Microsoft Teams Integrated Management System (MT-IMS),will also support your business to:

·        Identifying new opportunities for improvement

·        Manage risk

·        Tracking quality objectives

·        Achieving continual improvement

The Integrated Management System toolbox provides an intuitive user interface and navigation that is integrated into the popular Microsoft SharePoint and Teams platforms. The Mt-IMS is split into four distinct sections:

·        Context – Provides data on interested parties, legal register and the risks associated with your business.

·        Leadership – Link to your quality and strategic objectives and the roles & responsibilities that are relevant to the management system.

·        Controls – The controls and processes that are applicable and required for your business.

·        Performance – Ensuring that your system is achieving continual improvement through performance evaluation and corrective actions.

Why Choose AvISO to help with Remote Audits

Working with AvISO is more than just being given the tools to help you achieve a successful audit. In choosing AvISO for the integration of a management system and preparation towards a remote audit your business will also enjoy the following benefits;

·        100% success rate of achieving a UKAS accredited certification for our clients

·        Experience with a wide selection of ISO Standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001

·        We are recommended by all of the major certification bodies for our consultancy services

·        An exceptional in-house team that will guide you step by step towards remote working and planning needed before the audit

·        Constant communication and updates from the certification bodies on requirements of remote audits

If you would like further information on how we can help with remote auditing or are interested in finding out more about our bespoke integrated management system, please contact us today.

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