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"From the very beginning, AvISO exceeded our expectations by swiftly grasping our needs and requirements. They offered a range of quotation options from various certification bodies, allowing us the flexibility to choose the one that suited us best. Paul's personalised guidance played a pivotal role in our accreditation journey.

The process of scheduling advisory visits was streamlined and hassle-free, simplifying our arrangements. Even when we encountered an issue on our end, the AvISO team displayed remarkable responsiveness. They adjusted their workflow seamlessly to accommodate our hiccup, providing invaluable support.

Miles and Eithne proved to be exceptional assets, diligently identifying gaps in our systems and diligently working behind the scenes, leveraging their expertise with SharePoint. This system enabled us to track, log, and pinpoint root causes, a feature highly appreciated by the certification body.

During the stage 1 and 2 audits, the AvISO team went above and beyond, offering unwavering support as we worked to address the findings raised. They dedicated extra time to ensure these issues were properly documented and resolved—a truly supportive approach that made all the difference."

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Cottier Contracting work with developers and main contractors throughout the Southeast, providing Civil Engineering, Highways, Drainage, Infrastructure, Groundworks, Hard Landscaping and Plant Hire Services.

Consultant Comment

It was a privilege to have the opportunity to assist Cottier Contracting in implementing their ISO 45001 Management System and achieving certification. It was truly a collaborative effort that highlighted their unwavering commitment to safety and excellence. From the outset, it was evident that Cottier Contracting approached this endeavour with a clear vision, a dedication to best practices and a genuine desire to establish and maintain a safe and secure work environment for their employees. Working alongside Cottier Contracting was a seamless and rewarding experience. Their team's diligence, attention to detail, and commitment to meeting ISO 45001 requirements were exceptional, as well as their proactive approach to problem-solving and their eagerness to embrace new safety protocols, demonstrating a high level of professionalism.

Projects are easily achievable when there is a real commitment between parties and a willingness to collaborate.

Cottier Contracting

Cottier Contracting


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