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Keeping Your Management System Simple – Blog Two: Focus & Honesty

October 4, 2021

AvISO Consultancy is publishing a series of blogs based on a joint webinar with NQA about ways to Keep Your Management System Simple. If you missed our first blog, do not worry. You can catch up here!

In this latest blog, we will be looking more in-depth into Focus & Honesty.

·       Focus on the Standard & watch out for scope creep

o  Remember, you are looking for a Quality Management System, not a Business Management System.  

o  You do not need to address areas of the organisation that do not pose a risk to quality.

o  It is for you to determine what the risk levels are and address them accordingly.

·       Be clear on what your motivations are

o  If you want ISO 9001 to help align processes or ensure best practice, make that the focus.

o  Show those areas as more significant risks in the risk register.

o  Set objectives around them and link them to IP's.

·       Ensure processes & procedures are correct

o  Be wary of using templates as these can often belong and technical but have little or no relevance to your business. There is also a danger that you will try to make your business fit with the templates.

o  Ensure processes & procedures are correct and genuinely reflective of what is happening in your business.

o  Do not write where you want to be. Write where you are.

o  If Risks & Opportunities exist, document them, and set objectives to address them.

o  If you are not honest, you will not be able to provide evidence.

·       Be honest when defining risk & opportunities

o  Do not document what you think the auditor wants to see. They want to know what you believe.

o  Most people are aware of the real Risks & Opportunities in their business. The trick is to get it from their heads and onto paper to be addressed and controlled.

o  Compliance and certification become secondary as what you are doing day to day & what your Management System state are the same thing.

·       Set the objectives you want to meet

o  We often see nondescript objectives that are written for the Standard. Objectives must reflect what you are trying to achieve across the organisation and align with the Risks & Opportunities you have identified.

o  If they truly reflect what you want to achieve, it is much more likely that you will meet them.

·       Share the positive & the negative

o  Some clients let everyone know about nonconformities within their organisation, be sensitive between departments as others may see things differently.

o  Not all news is good and can split people's opinions, so be wary of what you share and with who.

o  Honesty will increase buy-in

Our Top Tip – always provide an accurate representation of the organisation.

Our next blog in this series will be looking at Duplication& Centralisation. Please follow us on LinkedIn to know when this is published.

Can't wait for the next blog? Follow this link to watch the entire webinar Keeping Your Management System Simple- YouTube

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