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SECR - Streamlined Energy and Carbon Regulations

September 4, 2020

If your fiscal year ended on the 31st March, you might need to include information related to Carbon Emissions in your report, under SECR*.


*Streamlined Energy and Carbon Regulations


Does your business fall within any of these criteria?

  1. Quoted companies of any size that are already obliged to report under mandatory greenhouse gas reporting regulations.
  2. Unquoted companies incorporated in the UK that meet the definition of 'large'.**
  3. 'Large' Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) will be required to prepare and file an 'Energy and Carbon Report'.

**Unquoted companies or LLPs are defined as 'large' if they meet at least two of the following three criteria in a reporting year:

  • a turnover of £36million or more
  • a balance sheet of £18million or more; or
  • 250 employees or more. 

AvISO can support your organisation to comply with the SECR, namely through the:

·        Calculation of the carbon foot print of your organisation

·        Setting up of consistent energy monitoring methods

·        Identification of energy efficiency improvements

·        Implementation of energy efficiency improvements

·        Description of your efforts related to the reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases”.


We can use energy consultants and Allcot to provide these services.


If you need to report on Carbon Emissions, AvISO Consultancy can support you in achieving this.


Please contact us to find out more details and to see how we can help you in gaining certification to ISO Standards or with Software, Training and Consultancy solutions and one of our team will be more than happy to discuss this, and our flexible pricing options, with you.

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