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“Aviso supported us in preparing for accreditation to ISO9001.

During Andy’s visits, he effortlessly reviewed, restructured and aligned our internal processes to the requirements of the standard.

The SharePoint site is well structured and pleasantly surprises the auditors as to how easily they can navigate to the documentation they are looking for.

This allowed for both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 audits to start positively, gave the auditor a great first impression, and take away any nerves we may have had at the start.

By working with Aviso on the implementation of ISO9001, we have not only passed with flying colours (One auditor even said, “That was great, I look forward to auditing you in the future”), but we are confident we can maintain the standard with ease, and this puts us in a good position going forward.

Working with Andy and Aviso was an extremely positive experience – Thank you."

project OVERVIEW

Kickstart Homes is a regulated Community Interest Company (CIC) that works alongside local authorities, charities, food banks, religious institutions and other organisations to offer accommodation and individually tailored support plans to the homeless and those in need of a safe haven and a new start. AvISO supported Kickstart Homes by preparing them for ISO 9001 accreditation.

Consultant Comment

“From the start of the project, it was clear that both Directors and co-founders together with their dedicated team at Kickstart Homes were passionate about working to provide managed accommodation for the homeless in London. It was a pleasure working with them to implement operational processes and quality management system procedures for ISO9001, which will no doubt add value and structure as the business develops.

Andy Mutter, AvISO Consultancy

Keeping things simple and regularly looking at management systems little and often is always key!

Kickstart Homes

Kickstart Homes


Homeless Service



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ISO 9001

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