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“I wanted to say that thank the AvISO team, regarding not only the commitment to the work and willing to help. In terms of the internal audit, working with Wei during our first Journey to achieve ISO 27001 was an invaluable experience. Her commitment to excellence and thorough understanding of our unique challenges made the process smooth and efficient. What truly set her apart was her human approach to auditing. Internal auditor not only demonstrated a deep understanding of our business needs but also fostered a collaborative environment

The professionalism, expertise and care for our success made AvISO an indispensable partner in our compliance Journey. We couldn't have asked for a better team to guide us through this critical milestone.”

project OVERVIEW

Nutrix, a digital health startup headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Poland and Chile, has developed a SaaS platform leveraging high-tech devices, artificial intelligence, and remote monitoring. To strengthen their information security management system and achieve ISO 27001:2022 certification, Nutrix engaged AvISO for support in conducting internal audits.

This collaborative project involved AvISO Consultancy, Nutrix, the software provider Drata, and the certification body A-LIGN. AvISO's role was instrumental in coordinating these efforts to ensure a seamless and efficient process. Nutrix utilised Drata's advanced compliance automation software, which streamlined their documentation and compliance processes and efficiently helped them get to ISO 27001 readiness. Meanwhile, A-LIGN provided expert certification services, ensuring that Nutrix met all necessary standards rigorously and smoothly.

AvISO brought industry-leading knowledge and extensive experience in the digital health sector, guiding Nutrix through a thorough audit process that led to a successful outcome and Nutrix's award of Certification to ISO 27001.

Consultant Comment

Effective Project Management: AvISO's project management skills ensured that tasks were executed efficiently and effectively. Coordinating efforts across multiple stakeholders, AvISO kept the project on track and ensured timely completion.

Industry-Leading Knowledge and Experience: AvISO, Drata and A-LIGN’s deep understanding of ISO standards and the digital health sector provided Nutrix with invaluable insights, ensuring compliance and enhancing their information security management system.




Digital Health


Basel, Switzerland

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