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Keeping Your Management System - Blog Six: System Maturity

November 29, 2021

Welcome to our seventh and final blog in this series of Keeping Your Management System Simple. If you missed our previous blogs, do not worry. You can catch up here!

In this edition, we will be looking into System Maturity.

Keeping Your Management System Simple

·       If it is not working, change it

o  If a procedure or control is stopping you from working effectively, then look to change it. If what you do mitigates the identified risk and is legal, it is compliant with the Standard.

o  Back to being honest, if it is not working, change it.

·       Identify pinch points

o  There will always be aspects of any Management System that are more labour intensive than others. Focus efforts on these areas and look to introduce more appropriate controls.

o  For example - in Management Review, it can be almost impossible to get everyone needed into a room simultaneously. However, there is nothing in the Standards that states it must be a face-to-face meeting. Therefore, look for other more efficient ways to complete it.

·       Design out issues

o  Add issues that you have identified as an Objective to change them or to your Corrective Actions log.

·       Design in automation

o  Look back to software and simplification and remove unnecessary hurdles.

·       Keep developing and testing new ideas

Our Top Tip – here are all the top tips from across the whole series of blogs,

1.     Keeping it simple gets more from the Standard and helps audits run smoothly and add actual value to your business.

2.     Always provide an accurate representation of the organisation.

3.     Use one Management System, integrate where possible and utilise roles and responsibilities throughout your organisation.

4.     Write your System in relevant language that will be easily understood across your organisation.

5.     Use cloud-based software where possible and utilise free resources to assist you with Legal Registers.

6.     Don't be alarmed if you get an OFI and take this as its literal meaning, an Opportunity for Improving your management system.

We hope you have enjoyed our series of blogs? This was our final blog in the series. However, if you have missed any, you can view the entire series on our website or follow this link to watch the webinar Keeping Your Management System Simple - YouTube

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