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“I thought I would somehow manage to get all the documentation and requirements to achieve ISO 9001:2015 for my precision engineering company. Well, that did not last long, and when I realized that it was out of reach, I called Paul Stevens. But I did not just call him I called in the last possible moment – Friday when Stage 1 of the audit was Monday!

There was no time frame! We had a long conversation over the phone I provided the required information and Paul took on board, Darren Collins. Darren, instead of having a weekend off work, did ALL the preparations and procedures, in a way that during the First and Second Audit I did not have any non-conformance reports or even remarks from the auditors. They have developed an online tool, which keeps all the required documents, files and procedures. It is just a few clicks away!

My advice should you like to take it would be to concentrate on the things you do best. Leave the ISO accreditation to the professionals. I, personally, regret only one thing – that I did not call them earlier. I am about to receive the first contract as an ISO accredited company when I should have done this a year ago.

Remarkable work, done by true professionals!"

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Implement ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Consultant Comment

“Yeovil Precision Engineering approached AvISO with the ambitious task of implementing a management system, within a short period, as their Stage 1 audit had already been booked. It was important, that our first step in the process was to ascertain what the organisation had, in the way of compliance to the required standard, and which controls would need to be implemented.  

Through open dialogue and Yeovil's willingness to work on this, it was clear that Ivan was passionate about quality. Within the first day, we had already started to build the requirements around his business. Yeovil already had several processes in place that allowed them to control the products, and a level of traceability was also evidenced.

Using the ISOvA toolbox platform allowed us to consider the context of the organisation quickly and efficiently. This included the requirements of Yeovil's interested parties and the risks relevant to the processes being conducted. It also allowed us to set meaningful objectives that will truly help the organisation grow and how the performance of the system can be analysed.

The only area that needed completing before the Stage 2 audit was a management review meeting which, was completed efficiently and with little delay to Yeovil’s workflow.

It has been a pleasure working with Ivan due to his commitment to quality and his willingness to learn, the fact that he successfully gained certification to ISO 9001:2015 in such a short amount of time is testament to this.

If you would like to find out further information on how AvISO can help you with your quality goals, please get in touch with one of the team!”

Making the most of the technology available can help make any Management System more effective

Yeovil Precision Company Ltd

Yeovil Precision Company Ltd




Yeovil, Somerset

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