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“AvISO were instrumental in helping us develop our Legal Register for all of our European countries that are certified to ISO14001. Previous to this, the task was extremely time-consuming and very challenging due to the various countries' legal requirements. The task was completed manually and was always noted by auditors as an area of concern. Paul and the team at AvISO helped us create these legal registers and continue to update them as and when legislation changes.

Their online system is easy to navigate, and I am in no doubt that without AvISO's assistance, we would have encountered further issues with our certifying bodies in relation to our ISO14001 certifications.”

project OVERVIEW

SIRVA are a leading loval relocation management and moving services company who were looking for support in developing legal registers in relation to ISO 14001:2015 across their various locations.

Consultant Comment

"It was great to develop legal registers for eight different European and non-European countries that meet the client´s requirements for ISO 14001 compliance. The challenges of navigating through so different regulatory approaches were successfully overcome with our determination in developing an effective solution to the client needs. The legal registers developed are kept in the Teams IMS toolbox, which facilitates keeping them current and identifying all applicable legislation to each country.”

Ana Sampio, AvISO Consultancy

It is essential to show the connection between legislation and the records required.




Relocation and Moving Services



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