AvISO Customer Case Study; Cititec

Cititec Technology Recruitment Experts based in London

Transition to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Cititec is a customer-driven technology recruitment firm headquartered in the heart of London. Cititec’s commitment to quality and customer experience are key drivers in maintaining their ISO certification and transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Daisy Lawrence, Office Manager and HR Lead at Cititec was responsible for overseeing the transition of the Integrated Management System (IMS) and advised that the main drivers were to: 

“Gain the new certifications and improve the; structure, continuity and compliance around their business model. Cititec is customer focused so wanted to show clients that their business runs well and is certified."

  1. A key driver for gaining ISO 9001:2015 was to provide a positive framework to the business process and support in the smooth running of the back and front office.
  2. A key driver for gaining ISO 14001:2015 was driven by Cititec’s directors and their passion for the environment.


There were initial concerns as the previous Management System had been in place 10 years. Cititec was concerned that the transition would require drastic changes to their business and that it would take a long time to implement. However, the new standard is more relevant to their business model and easier to explain to employees. 

Daisy advised that:

“The old system had too much information and documents and left room for error but that the new system is easier to use, more concise and is the hub of the business in processes that Cititec do. Gaining certification was initially a daunting prospect but looking back a lot better practically for Cititec and ended up being a positive experience.”

Lead consultant, Oliver Leaney notes the key challenges and how we worked with Cititec to overcome these: 

  • The previous Management System had been in place for a considerable amount of time and had evolved into something that was overly complicated and no longer aligned with operational activities. 

  • We broke the system into manageable pieces and made sure these aligned with operational processes at Cititec.

  • The historic system was not easy to navigate or available to everyone, being spread across several locations. The introduction of a SharePoint site provided a collaborative working platform that is both easily accessed and controlled.

  • We developed a process led system, moving Cititec away from a clause by clause manual. This approach is more easily understood and communicated across the business.

  • We were able to offer advice and support the IMS Manager to ensure that they felt confident going into the external system. It was key to the project that the new system was owned and understood by the client, not by us.

  • We explained the difference between UKAS and Non-UKAS certification and subsequently Cititec moved their certification to BSI.

  • We provided an achievable and risk-based audit plan that Cititec could manage in-house and will provide a positive platform for continual improvement.

Cititec stated that the approach to risk and stakeholder’s engagement has added real value to their business. This approach to the Management System has encouraged employees at all levels to engage and to think differently about the IMS. This, in turn, has given them more confidence knowing the business is compliant. Daisy also highlighted that as she is not an ISO expert, so the knowledge and approach of the AvISO team provided her with a much better understanding of the value in a Management System and confidence that certification would be achieved. Daisy was initially very daunted by the prospect of the audit, particularly as it was to be witnessed by UKAS, however, once underway she realised she had a much more understanding than she realised. Furthermore, having AvISO on call all the way through going above and beyond what was expected made the audit process a positive one.
Daisy Lawrence

AvISO were fantastic from the onset they were personable and really easy to work with, knew their stuff and were rooting for Cititec throughout the process. I would 100% recommend AvISO for future and to other businesses.” 


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